Core Values

Pillar Security has been providing exceptional concierge and security services for upscale residential and commercial complexes for over 20 years. As an organization, we embrace a simple business philosophy of " Our Strength is Your Security ".

It is our mission to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction by instilling into our staff the importance of cooperation, commitment and dedication. Our team of tenure security professionals pride themselves on being able to provide our clients with a secure, functional and pleasant environment in which to live or work.

“…a unique level of service that focuses on superior communication with residents, board members and property management…”

Mission Statement

Pillar Security cares about the challenges and needs of our customers, we always win together, never alone! With our communication crisp, clear, and concise we show accountability to our clients with the goal of exceeding their expectations.

As an organization we conduct ourselves with the utmost respect & integrity while ensuring our communities are secured & well managed.

Our Vision

  • Remain consistent as a service provider and an innovative leader in the condominium security market.
  • Continue exceeding client expectations and raise the bar high to further prosper in an ever-changing industry.
  • Create unique resident and client experiences, these memorable encounters will be the cornerstone to our success.

Core Values

Customer Focus: Pillar Security offers a unique level of service that focuses on superior communication with residents, board members and property management.

Superior Management: We distinguish ourselves from our competition through the ability of our management team to coordinate efforts by fully understanding the daily logistics of each building we service.

Community Driven: We combine protection, emergency response with concierge and hospitality services to provide a secure, well-managed community environment for all residents.

Security Professionals: The most important component of our hospitality service is communication with residents and guests. It is imperative to consistently communicate in a refined, professional and helpful manner.