Emergency Response

A confident and appropriate response to safety and emergency situations can be the difference between a positive or negative outcome. It is vital for security personnel to have readily available the detailed procedures to follow in an emergency response situation. Aquarius facilitates this process by automatically detailing a prioritized list of actions to be taken as each situation arises.

This combined with extensive training for all security staff in emergency and incident response sets Pillar Security apart from its competition. Some of the more prevalent incidences and the responses we consider to be appropriate include:

Fire Alarms

Keep residents informed throughout the event via P.A. announcements, coordinate monitoring company and Fire Services response, ensure all fire routes and emergency exits are clear of obstacles, reset alarm panels, mag locks and elevators once situation is reconciled, and inform site supervisor and property manager accordingly.

Suite and Mechanical Alarms

Investigate and respond accordingly. Inform site supervisor and/or property manager if necessary. Notifying the property management may not always be necessary. For instance, a small leak within a resident suite may only require a phone call to the owner and a recommendation for a plumber. However, should a major heating or air conditioning situation arise, property management must be contacted. Security’s familiarity of the building and the understanding of the varying degrees of response assist in creating a well-managed environment.

Medical Emergencies

Coordinate all emergency response procedures. This would include immediately contacting emergency response services and assisting emergency personnel upon their arrival.