Mobile Support

Our Mobile Patrol is the answer wherever a flexible, visible and physical security presence is required. It is a cost-effective solution that provides extra security protection to anywhere full time security guards are not deemed necessary and existing physical security measures are considered to be otherwise adequate.

A Mobile Patrol is a strong deterrent to potential thieves, nuisance makers or unwanted visitors and will do more than just alert you to an incident to protect your business or residential complex. By actively patrolling and checking your property at times scheduled or random, as specified by you, we will ensure that everything is secure.

We will also send a highly visible message of our presence, both with our standout patrol vehicles and fully uniformed personnel. Any unusual activity, triggered alarm, suspicious individuals, fire or flood, etc. will be dealt with in accordance with your pre-arranged procedure, including contacting the emergency services and remaining on site until your property is secured.

Data point tagging (installing barcodes at specified, strategic locations across your site and using a scanner to record every visit to each location) ensures you are provided with full and updated evidence that our service is being delivered completely and successfully.