Security Site Assessment

A security assessment is performed to identify the current security posture of an information system or organization. The assessment provides recommendations for improvement, which allows the organization to a reach a security goal that mitigates risk, and also enables the organization. The Pillar Security team has been involved in the review of existing security systems, procedures and crime prevention programs.

Our expertise allows us to thoroughly review and make recommendations that can reduce the overall exposure to risk by first identifying the risk, minimizing or eliminating the risk and implementing procedures to prevent the risk from reoccurring. The effectiveness of any security protection program is directly related to the credibility and thoroughness of the assessments conducted before ANY solutions or changes are implemented.

The importance of conducting these assessments cannot be overstated. Ultimately, the security design, programs, processes, and training capabilities must be aligned to the “purpose of security”, which is based on the types of threats and adversary characteristics identified through these assessments.

Security & Risk Management can only be achieved by first the identification, assessment and prioritization of risks. Understanding the risk factors at play allows us to prepare a coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of unforeseen events.