The Virtual Concierge is an off-site alternative to having full-time staff. Virtual Concierge manages security by complementing or replacing a live guard. It is a real, live person enabled through a two-way digital video conferencing and advanced access control technology. The Virtual Concierge manages access control, accepts deliveries and packages, schedules amenities, and enhances security from a remote location, offering uninterrupted services. Virtual Concierge will reduce your security expense by 30-70% each year compared to having a full-time on-site concierge, while enhancing the quality of service and improving efficiency.

Resident Support Line

Assists residents with a multitude of requests like giving directions, supplying important building information and answering common questions. Designed to save property management and superintendents countless hours! Additionally, VR will help with both emergency and non-emergency situations until the situation is under control.

Visitor Management

Manages building access for visitors, contractors, emergency personnel and other non-residents who require access.

Parcel Management

Accepts and distributes packages on behalf of residents.

Gate Control

Remotely manages your entry gates into the property or visitor parking.

Visitor Parking Reports

Documents the license plate number, type of vehicle, and name of person visiting with time-stamped data. Amenity Management: Books amenities for residents using the Mycondolink or other existing software. Examples include guest suites, party rooms, theater rooms and more.

Virtual Watchdog

At designated times, trained operators conduct virtual patrols via security cameras, ensuring premises protection and reporting on suspicious activity.

Activity Reports

Documents and time stamps all interactions with residents. Activity reports are available to the client through the Mycondolink, and can also be sent via automated reporting.

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